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Project Description
Outlook AutoFiler - Outlook 2007 - VBA coded project in Outlook to assist in filing emails into organized sub-folders.

This Outlook code helps you file your incoming email into folders.

It may only be useful for a few people as I know everyone has their own way of filing/organizing their email.

If you receive emails constantly on a select number of categories especially if the subject lines contain identifying information, this may be a very useful tool.

The code adds three options your context menu from the main email list view.

1. Autofile entries will appear if a folder in your specified path contains the name of the folder.
For example: Folder named "Project X", Email Subject contains "Project X", menu items says "Autofile Project X".
So instead of having to click and drag, or click the move to folder option and then select the folder from the list, you've filed it with a right-click and a left-click.

2. A pull-down list of folders in a specified path allows you to file items that don't exactly match the folder name.

3. Another pull-down list, shows folders and subfolders in a specified path allowing for multiple level folders to be used.

Since you have the source code via this distribution, you can see which one works for your purposes and tailor it to your needs.

I hope that this can help others with their email management needs. I also hope that by placing this in the open-source world, someone can help improve on the code.

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